This selection of "UFO CASEBOOK" contains the Blue Book "Unknowns" and will soon provide  the best links to these cases (where available). Appropriate additions to these and other Casebook files, in particular, those filed AFTER Blue Book closed down in December of 1969, will eventually be  provided by reputable private researchers and official UFO organizations.

Francis Ridge


* February 13, 1957; Lincoln Air Force Base, Nebraska. Challenging radar/visual where three control operators, a Director of Operations, also observed on radar. Report

April 25, 1957; Ringgold, Louisiana. Military witness Robertson. Case missing from official files.

* June 3, 1957; near Shreveport, LA. Radar/visual. A Trans-Texas airliner observed the object, and upon contacting the GOATEE [radar site],  received an affirmative. Report

June 12, ; Milan, Italy. 7:30 p.m. Witness: G.U. Donadio, translator for export-import firm. One object "big as a hen's egg" flew very fast, zigzagged, hovered and revolved, then shot up after 17 minutes.

* July 17, 1957; South central states. RB-47 radar/visual case. For more than an hour the crew of the RB-47 and other radar sites in the region tracked anomalous objects. Report

July 27 or 29, 1957; Longmont, Colorado. Early morning. Witness: J.L. Siverly. One thick disc, ice blue, with a top like honeycomb (interconnected hexagons), hovered and rocked below the hill tops for 10 minutes. Middle band was scalloped, bottom had four kidney-shaped forms.

July 29, 1957; Cleveland, Ohio. 10:31 p.m. Witnesses: Capital Airlines Capt. R.L. Stimley, First Officer F.J. Downing. One large, round, yellow-white object dimmed once, crossed the bow of the airliner, which then gave chase but was unable to catch it. Sighting last 8 minutes.

July 29, 1957; Oldsmar, Florida. 11:45 a.m. Witness: E.E. Henkins. One pale yellow fireball glided into the water and exploded. Viewed for 1 minute.

Sept. 20, 1957; Kadena AFB, Okinawa. 8 p.m. Witnesses: S/Sgt. H.T. O'Connor, S/Sgt. H.D. Bridgeman. One object, shaped like a coke bottle without the neck, translucent and fluorescent. Made four 5-10 second passes from north to south, with 4-5 minutes between passes.

September 1957, Brazil. UFO explodes and leaves fragments. Ubatuba case. Report

Oct. 8, 1957; Seattle, Washington. 9:17 a.m. Witnesses: two U.S. Army sergeants. Two flat, round, white objects flew in trail formation along an irregular path, frequently banking during 25-30 seconds.

* November 2, 1957; Levelland, TX. Numerous reports of vehicles disabled by a large, egg-shaped, UFO, vehicles returned to normal afterwards. Report

* November 4, 1957; Albuquerque, NM. Kirtland AFB radar/visual. Two observers in the tower saw the UFO, also with the aid of binoculars. The radar site which was contacted confirmed the unknown target, which later ascended vertically at 4,500 feet per minute.  Report

* Nov. 4, 1957; about 1:10 p. m. local time, nr. Orogrande, NM. James W. Stokes, a high altitude research engineer, reported he saw an elliptical UFO sweep across the highway twice. Car radio and the engine failed.  Stokes claimed that other drivers were also on the road, and their engines had also failed, but the names he gave never checked out. Stokes reported a wave of heat, and later his face appeared "sunburned."

November 4, 1957; Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, NM. Egg-shaped object seen and radar-tracked. Report

* Nov 5, 1957; 5:00 a.m., Gulf of Mexico. Coast Guard Cutter Sebago tracked UFO, brief  visual sighting from deck. Speed 1020 mph. Report

* Nov 6, 1957; about dinner time. Merom, Indiana. Family alerted to a strange object, described as a 30-40' disc hovering 200-300 feet overhead, which shone beam of light to ground. Primary witness, an ironworker, stood under the beam for about ten minutes. Later treated for burns.  Report

Nov. 6, 1957; Radium Springs, New Mexico. 10:50 p.m. Witnesses: one Las Cruces policeman, one Dona Ana County Deputy Sheriff. One round object--changing from red to green to blue to white-- rose vertically from a mountain top. Sighting lasted 10 minutes.

* Nov. 6, 1957 about 11:20 p. m. EST, Montville, OH. Olden J. Moore, was returning home when he saw a flattened spherical object with a conical projection on top descend toward a field. When he got out of the car and walked toward it, he heard a humming or ticking sound.   He left the scene to get another witness. When he returned with his wife the object was gone.  Above normal radiation  levels at the site were found by the local Civil Defense shortly after the sighting. Report

* Nov. 6, 1957; Whiteman AFB, Missouri. A radar report with no available details. Actual scope photos, Case No. 5178. Examples of radarscope photos from Project Blue Book files showing appearance and motion of unidentified object during successive radar sweeps. This report is not listed in the Blue Book "Unknowns." Radarscope Photos

Nov. 8, 1957; Merrick, Long Island, New York. l0:10 a.m. Witness: Mrs. L. Dinner. One bar-shaped object, 3.5' long, giving off blue flashes, made a swishing sound. No further data.

November 10, 1957; Madison, OH; Close encounter with domed-top 40' UFO. Report

Nov. 26, 1957; Robins AFB, Georgia. 10:07 a.m. Witnesses: three control tower operators, one weather observer and four others. One silver, cigar-shaped object suddenly vanished after 8 minutes.

Nov. 30, 1957; New Orleans, Louisiana. 2:11 p.m. Witnesses: three U.S. Coast Guardsmen. One round object turned white, then gold, then separated into three parts and turned red. Sighting lasted 20 minutes.

Dec. 13, 1957; Col Anahuac, Mexico. 9:35 a.m. Witness: R.C. Cano. Fourteen-fifteen circular, tapered discs, very bright, flew in a formation like a stack of coins, then changed to an inverted-V formation. Sighting lasted 20 minutes.

Dec. 17, 1957; near Grand Junction, Colorado. 7:20 p.m. Witness: F.G. Hickman, 17. One round object changed from yellow to white to green to red; red tail was twice as long as the body. It stopped, started, backed up for 45 minutes.

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