This selection of "UFO CASEBOOK" contains the Blue Book "Unknowns" and will soon provide  the best links to these cases (where available). Appropriate additions to these and other Casebook files, in particular, those filed AFTER Blue Book closed down in December of 1969, will eventually be  provided by reputable private researchers and official UFO organizations.

Francis Ridge

* January 16, 1958; Trinidad Island, Brazil. Some of the best photos (four) of UFOs to surface in the 1950's, showing a saturn-shaped object in the distance. Computer studies produced in the 1970's showed more detail. Report

March 14, 1958; Healdsburg, California. 8:45 a.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Cummings and one other. A 3' round, black object touched the ground and then took off. Watched for 2 minutes.

April 14, 1958; Lynchburg, Virginia. 1 p.m. Witness: USAF Maj. D.G. Tilley, flying C-47 transport. One grey-black rectangular object rotated very slowly on its horizontal axis for 4 seconds.

May 5, 1958; Pan De Azucar, Uruguay, Aerial encounter, heat, between Piper Cub and "top-shaped" object. Report

May 9, 1958; Bohol Island, Phillipine Islands. 11:05 a.m. Witness: Phillipine Airlines pilot. One object with a shiny, metallic surface was falling and spinning for 1.5 minutes.

June 14, 1958; Pueblo, Colorado. 10:46 a.m. Witness: airport weather observer O.R. Foster, using a theodolite. An object shaped like Saturn, less the bottom part; silver with no metallic luster, flew overhead for 5 minutes.

June 20 ,1958; Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. 11:05 p.m. Witness: Battalion Communication Chief SFC A. Parsley. One silver, circular object, its lower portion seen through a green haze, hovered, then oscillated slightly, then moved at great speed. Watched for 10 minutes.

Aug. 17, 1958; Warren, Michigan. 7:05 p.m. Witness: A.D. Chisholm. One extremely bright object shaped first like a bell, then like a saucer, hovered for 5 minutes, flipped over and sped away to the west-south-west. Sighting lasted 6-10 minutes.

Sept. 1, 1958; Wheelus AFB, Libya. 12:15 a.m. Witness: Philco technical representative A.M. Slaton. One round, blue-white object flew at varying speeds. First sighting lasted 2 minutes, second lasted 1.5 minutes.

Oct. 2, 1958; Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. 2:30 p.m. Witness: naturalist Ivan Sanderson. One dull-grey object, shaped like a pickle with a flat bottom, flew erratically and made loops for 15 seconds.

* Oct 3, 1958; Wasco, Indiana. 3:20 AM. Five crew members on a Monon R.R. train had a close encounter with four disc-shaped objects for 70-minutes. Objects moved in response to flashlights being aimed at them.  Report

Oct. 27, 1958; Lock Raven Dam, Maryland. 10:30 p.m. Witnesses: Phillip Small, Alvin Cohen. One large, flat egg-shaped object affected a car's electrical system and caused a burning sensation on one of its occupants. Sighting lasted 1 minute.

Nov. 3, 1958; Minot, North Dakota. 2:01 p.m. Witness: M/Sgt. William R. Butler, medic. One bright green object, shaped like a 10 cent piece, and one smaller, silver round object. First object exploded, then second object moved toward the location of the first at high speed. Sighting lasted 1 minute.

December 20, 1958; Dunellen, New Jersey. Police witnesses, vehicle encounter, hover, rapid upward acceleration. Report

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