This selection of "UFO CASEBOOK" contains the Blue Book "Unknowns" and will soon provide  the best links to these cases (where available). Appropriate additions to these and other Casebook files, in particular, those filed AFTER Blue Book closed down in December of 1969, will eventually be  provided by reputable private researchers and official UFO organizations.

Francis Ridge

* February 24, 1959; Nr. Williamsport, Pennsylvania. American and United Airlines planes paced by three glowing objects.    Report

March 26 or 27, 1959; Corsica, Pennsylvania. 12:45 p.m. Witness: T.E. Clark. One dark red, barrel-shaped object, 20' long, 6-7' high, descended below some trees during the 3 minute sighting.

June 18, 1959; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 9:30 p.m. Witnesses: A. Cavelli and R. Blessin, using 7x binoculars. One brown, cigar-shaped object came from below the horizon (close to the witnesses) ascending to 40-50^ above the horizon in 4 minutes.

June 26-27, 1959; New Guinea, CE-III Case. Father Gill  and 25 witnesses saw craft with "humanoids" on top which apparently communicated by gestures. Report

June 30, 1959; Patuxent River NAS, Maryland. 8:23 p.m. Witness: USN Cdr. D. Connolly. One gold, oblate-shaped object, nine times as wide as it was thick, metallic and with sharp edges, flew straight and level for 20-30 seconds.

July 25, 1959; Irondequoit, New York. 1 p.m. Witness: technical illustrator W.D. Neva. One thin, crescent moon-shaped object with a small white dome in the center, flew at tremendous speed for 5-10 seconds.

Aug. 10, 1959; Goose AFB, Labrador, Canada. 1:28 a.m. Witness: Royal Canadian Air Force pilot Flt. Lt. M.S. Mowat, on ground. One large star-like light crossed 53* of sky in 25 minutes.

Sept. 13, 1959; Gills Rock, Wisconsin. 1:05 a.m. Witness: R.H. Daubner. One round yellow light, with eight blue lights within it, and then five larger red lights, flew very fast vertically while making a pulsating jet noise. Sighting lasted 10 minutes.

Sept. 13, 1959; Bunker Hill AFB, Indiana. 4 p.m. Witnesses: at least two control tower operators and the pilot of a Mooney private airplane. One pear-shaped object, colored white, cream, and metallic, with a trail under it. Object showed little movement during 3 hours. Attempted intercept by USAF T-33 jet trainer failed.

Oct. (3rd or 4th week), 1959; Telephone Ridge, Oregon. 9:15 p.m. Witness: department store manager C.A. Cissman. One bright light approached, hovered about 30 minutes, and then was up and gone in 2 seconds.

Oct. 4, 1959; Quezon, Phillipine Islands. 9:25 p.m. Witnesses: USN Lt. C.H. Pogson, CPO K.J. Moore. One large round or oval object, changing from red to red-orange, flew straight and level for 15 minutes.

Oct. 6, 1959; Lincoln, Nebraska. 8:15 p.m. Witnesses: Lt. Col. L. Liggett (Selective Service) and wife. One round, white-yellow light made several abrupt turns and flew very fast for 2 minutes.

Oct. 19. 1959; P]ainvjlle, Kansas. 9:25 p.m. Witness: Capt. F.A. Henney, engineering instructor at USAF Academy, flying a T-33 jet trainer. One bright yellowish light came head-on at the T-33, the pilot avoided it and the light dimmed. Sighting lasted 30 seconds.

Nov. 18, 1959; Crystal Springs, Mississippi. 6:25 p.m. Witness: J.M. Porter. A row of red lights flew slow, then speeded up immensely. Sighting lasted 5-6 minutes.

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