This selection of "UFO CASEBOOK" contains the Blue Book "Unknowns" and will soon provide  the best links to these cases (where available). Appropriate additions to these and other Casebook files, in particular, those filed AFTER Blue Book closed down in December of 1969, will eventually be  provided by reputable private researchers and official UFO organizations.

Francis Ridge

Feb, 27, 1961; Bark River, Michigan. 10:15 p.m. Witness: Mrs. LaPalm. One fiery-red, round object, preceded by light rays, slowed and descended, while her dog howled. Sighting lasted 10 minutes.

Spring, 1961; Kemah, Texas. Case missing from official files.

April 24, 1961; 200 miles SW of San Francisco, California (35' 50' N., 125' 40 W.). 3:34 a.m. Witnesses: aircraft commander Capt. H.J. Savoy and navigator lst Lt. M.W. Rand, on USAF RC-l2lD patrol plane. One reddish-white, round object or light, similar to satellite. Observed for 8 minutes.

May 22, 1961; Tyndall AFB, Florida. 4:30 p.m. Witnesses: Mrs. A.J. Jones and Mrs. R.F. Davis. One big silver dollar disc hovered and revolved, then suddenly disappeared after 15 minutes.

June 2, 1961; Miyako Jima, Japan. 10:17 P.m. Witnesses: lst Lt. R.N. Monahan and Hazeltine Electric Co. technical representative D.W. Mattison. One blue-white light flew erratic course at varying speed, in an arc-like path for 5 minutes.

July 7, 1961; Copemish, Michigan. 11 p.m. Witness: waitress Nannette Hilley. One large ball flew slow, split into four after 45 minutes. Four flew close formation, descended and flew away to the west. Total sighting lasted 1 hour.

July ll, 1961; Springfield, Ohio. 7:45 p.m. Witnesses: ex-air navigator G. Scott, Mrs. Scott, and neighbors. One round, bright light like shiny aluminum, passed overhead in 20 minutes.

July 20, 1961; Houston, Texas. 88 a.m. Witnesses: Trans-Texas Airlines Capt. A.V. Beather, flying DC-3, plus vague report from ground radar. Two very bright white light or objects flew in trail formation for 30 minutes.

Aug. 12, 1961; Kansas City, Kansas. 9 p.m. Witnesses: college seniors J.B. Furkenhoff and Tom Phipps. One very large oval object with a fin extending from one edge to the center; like a sled with lighted car running boards. Hovered at 50' altitude for 3-5 minutes, then flew straight up and east.

* September 19, 1961; After 10:00 PM. White Hills, NH. The Betty and Barney Hill abduction incident. Report

Nov. 21, 1961; Oldtown, Florida. 7:30 p.m. Witnesses: C. Locklear and Helen Hatch. One round, red-orange object flew straight up and faded after 3-4 minutes.

Nov. 23, 1961; Sioux City, Iowa. 9:30 p.m. Witness: F. Braunger. One bright red star flew straight and level for 15 minutes.

Dec. 13, 1961; Washington, D.C. 5:05 p.m. Witnesses: C.F. Muncy, ex-U.S. Navy pilot W.J. Myers, and G. Weber. One dark diamond-shaped object with a bright tip flew straight and level for 1-3 minutes.

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