"UFO CASEBOOK" contains the Blue Book "Unknowns" from 1947 to 1969 and will soon provide  the best links to these cases (where available). Appropriate additions to these and other Casebook files, in particular, those filed AFTER Blue Book closed down in December of 1969, will eventually be  provided by reputable private researchers and official UFO organizations.

Francis Ridge

Sept 15, 1991; STS-48 video of objects near Space Shuttle.  Report

Sept 30, 1991; Nellis AFB (nr Las Vegas), video. The Nellis Range UFO video is unique among those in the public domain in that an unidentified anomalous flying object was not only captured in close-up, but also included overlaid radar position data and a time stamp, permitting precise calculation of the trajectory and flight characteristics. Voices of the military range operators can also be heard.  Report

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