Form: 97 Report
Date:  Mon, 03 Mar 2008

Subject: Aug 9, 1983: UFO Aliens Abducted Me and Stole My Blood
Cat: 07
To: Francis Ridge


Truth Detector Confirms Businessman's Story: 

UFO Aliens Abducted Me and Stole My Blood

Source (The National Enquirer, Sept. 25, 1984- p38) 

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             A respected businessman says he was abducted by aliens who zapped him aboard their UFO, drew more than a quart of blood, then zipped him back to earth - eight miles from where he was picked up.

             "I was stupefied - I thought I was dreaming," recalled Julio Platner, owner of a livestock feed store in Winifreda, Argentina.

            A doctor who examined Platner says he's convinced the man was telling the truth - and Platner even passed a truth-detector test with flying colors.

            His nightmare began as he was driving a van down a dirt road, heading home, around 7:30 pm on August 9 of last year.

            "I was suddenly taken aback by an intensely bright light, accompanied by a strange buzzing sound," he told The ENQUIRER.

            "Suddenly I was seated in a strange room, but without my van. The beige walls looked cushiony. There were no doors or windows.

            "Four strange beings were in the room. One had feminine features and the other three were manlike. They were about 5-foot-3 and wore skintight uniforms that covered their feet, hands and heads.

            "They had large bulging eyes but no eyelids or eyebrows, a small flat nose and a thin mouth.

            "I was terrified. I asked who they were and what they were doing -- and they answered me without talking. I had been taken aboard a flying saucer.

            "I tried to get up and walk, but I seemed to be bound by an invisible shield. I heard a voice inside me telling me to remain calm that nothing would happen to me.

            "1 noticed that my coat and sweater were not on me anymore, and my watch had also disappeared. One of the creatures came to me with a glass-like tube. He put it on my left wrist, then on the inside of my elbow.

            "I could see he was extracting my blood - it was rising in drops through the transparent instrument.

"I received a mental order to stand. Amazingly, my watch, coat and sweater were on me again. There was another flash and I found myself on earth in my van - but eight miles away from where I'd been before."

            Dazed and confused, Platner drove home and told his wife what had happened. At her urging, he notified police and saw a doctor.

            "Everything backs up Platner's story," said police officer Carlos Ponce, who carried out the official police investigation of the case.

            "At the same time he says he was taken aboard the UFO, TV sets in the city had transmission interruptions -- without explanation.

            "I also discovered something very strange the next day - the tire marks from Platner's van run up to a certain point, then stop, confirming his story.

            "And 15 days after the incident, a large circular UFO was seen flying over town."

            To further check Platner's story. The ENQUIRER had a tape of his statements analyzed using a Psychological Stress Evaluator. (PSE), a device used by more than 300 law enforcement agencies to determine if someone is telling the truth by measuring the stress in his voice.

            Declared Charles McQuiston, a former U.S. intelligence officer who co invented the device, Platner's voice is completely stress­free, He's telling the truth - no doubt about it."

            Added Dr. Adolfo Pizarro, the physician Platner saw after his abduction, - "in my professional opinion, there was an extraction of blood or some material.

            "I have treated him for six years and can declare that Platner has always been calm, sound and sane. He’s well-respected and an ideal citizen. 

                                                                                                                    - GARY RICKMAN

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