Form: 97 Report
Date:  Sun, 09 Mar 2008
Subject: July 14, 1983: Space Alien Baby Found Alive

Cat: 07
To: Francis Ridge 

Space Alien Baby Found Alive, Say Russians 

Source (The National Enquirer, Nov 22, 1983) 

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ENQUIRER Exclusive From Behind the Iron Curtain 

     For more than two months a fantastic child from another planet lived, breathed, ate and slept under the watchful eyes of astounded Soviet doctors, say Russian scientists.

     The purple-eyed, web-fingered little boy - the lone survivor of a fiery UFO crash - finally died on October 3 of a massive infection. Two ENQUIRER reporters traveling in Russia at the time heard about the child while he was still alive - and made a secret, unscheduled detour to the remote city of Frunze, where he was being held.

     Security was so tight around the child that our team couldn't get into view him, but they managed to get full details about him from members of the medical team watching him. Fearful of government retaliation, they agreed to talk only on condition that their names not be revealed. Here is the complete, mind-boggling story.

     At 8 o'clock on the night of July 14, a UFO exploded and crashed in the rugged mountains around Frunze, Russia -- but before the spacecraft blew up, the doomed aliens on board ejected a baby to safety, say Soviet scientists.

     The egg-shaped capsule containing the weird-looking child landed safely in a clearing ... and for 11 weeks, medical specialists at Frunze Medical Institute fought desperately to keep the alien baby alive.

     Tragically, they did not succeed.

     A Soviet rocket engineer first tipped off The ENQUIRER to the astonishing close encounter.

     At a face-to-face meeting in Moscow, he told our reporters that villagers who witnessed the UFO explosion had reported seeing a “cloud of fire” in the night sky.

     "A squad of police in a helicopter equipped with searchlights was sent to investigate. They found still-smoldering wreckage and called in the air force," said the engineer, who's assigned to the Salyut-7 space program.

     "Everybody assumed at first that it was a plane crash. But instead they found an extraterrestrial craft.

     "About 24 hours later, a man phoned the Fruze police and said he had found an egg shaped metal capsule. Inside was a baby. It was airlifted, still in the capsule, directly to the Frunze Medical Institute."

     One of the institute's doctors confirmed the rocket engineer's incredible story. “The capsule was sort of egg-shaped, about three feet in length with a hinged lid on top.

     "The capsule had legs on which it was resting, and underneath it was a small rocket which slowed its descent. Inside, the baby was lying on sponge-like material. There was an oxygen system in the capsule to sustain life.

     "I would estimate the baby is about 1 year old, by human standards. X-rays show that its body is like that of a human, with the exception of a slightly larger heart. The brain waves are normal, except for increased alpha wave activity. This means that telepathic and telekinetic (moving objects with mind power) abilities may be possible.

     A nurse - one of 12 assigned to the alien baby around the clock – told The ENQIURER: "The baby has no hair at all - no hair on his head, no eyebrows, no eyelashes. His pupils are bright purple in the center, fading to a light lavender on the outer rim.

     "He never closes his eyes, even to sleep.

     "We can tell when he is sleeping by monitoring his pulse and respiration rate - but his eyes remain open day and night.

     “The baby has made no attempt to walk or even crawl, and no attempt to talk, laugh or cry. He has made no vocal sounds at all that I have heard.

     "The only real emotion I have seen him express was when I tried to feed him mashed spinach one day. He spit it right out.         

     “Right how he is perfectly healthy. But the doctors are worried because he has no natural immunity to human diseases. They are afraid even a simple cold could develop into a massive infection that could kill him"

     And the doctors were right, as ENQUIRER reporter Henry Gris sadly learned when he later called to check on the alien child's condition.

     "The baby is dead," the doctor told Gris. "It was just as we feared. Acute and massive infection. The baby went into shock in a matter of hours.

     "We tried everything to save it, but nothing worked ...”

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