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Astounding Daylight UFO Photos
Sept. 11, 2002
Eastern U.S.

Fran Ridge:
Sept. 11, 2002; Eastern United States
Daytime. The witness worked in a relatively urban area, and he allegedly walked outside to shoot some stills of clouds around the parking lot, for a website. He used a digital 8 camcorder, with smartcard for still pictures. He shot on the first shot, "something pretty damned odd," but he said he didn't see it in the camera first. He saw it after the first shot, then followed what appeared to be a *very* silver chromed object for about 30-40 seconds. He got only stills, despite it being shot on a digital 8 cam because he had just completed filming his son's black belt testing in Tae Kwon Do, and had removed the tape. I posted this incident report because it has received a lot of attention and I wanted our team to check it out for-the-record.

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