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Symetrical Object Shows Up In Sky Photo
February 14, 2010
Andes Mountains, Central Chile

Fran Ridge:
February 14, 2010; Andes Mountains, about 45 miles SE of Santiago, Central Chile
5:15 p.m. local. The three witnesses were driving in a pickup truck headed for a Sunday picnic. Sixteen medium and high resolution, digital photos were taken high in the Andes Mountains. These photographs show the solar disc, cumulus clouds, reddish clouds at a higher altitude, and an angularly small and unusual image that appeared in one photograph. The analyses shows that there was a symmetrical, apparently solid object with several interesting surface details present in the one photo and no evidence of a hoax. The location of the object was indicated to be on or near a Chilean commercial airway and might possibly have posed a threat to flight safety under certain operational conditions. The incident was investigated by Dr. Richard Haines and NARCAP and the report analyses is linked below.

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