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Giant Plate Descends Into Water / "Man" Onboard
Summer of 1945
Tagonrog Bay, Russia

Fran Ridge:
Summer of 1945; Taganrog Bay, Sea of Azov, Rostov region, Russia
Daytime. 9-year old boy was alone fishing for his family’s meal and was about to return home when he watched a “giant plate” descend from the sky. The saucer smashed into the water causing a strong impact and creating a fountain of water spray all around the witness, which totally soaked him. The plate was about 5 meters in diameter; its hull was metallic reflecting the rays of the sun. Incredibly the witness felt no fear. The disc had descended on a sandbar, slightly covered by water only several meters from which the boy had been fishing. Suddenly, bubbles appeared around the disc and a “man” came out from the disc. The man was dressed in a silvery overall. He “jumped” from the top of the disc and approached the witness. He stopped at about 6 meters from the boy. His head was completely hidden under a non-transparent, oval-shaped helmet, and he had something resembling a large “can” behind his shoulders made of a dark-toned material resembling tinted glass. There was some communication (see full report) and then the "man" bade goodbye and climbed into the disc and vanished inside. The object rose up, hovered briefly, submerged into the water like a submarine. At this point the witness took his bucket and went home.   (Rullan) 

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reports/45SUMRrussia_report.htm (Rullan)

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