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"Ghost Rocket" Crashes Into Lake
July 18, 1946
Southeastern Norway

Ole Jonny Braenne:
July 18, 1946; Southeastern Norway
Between 12 and 12:30 p.m. A "ghost rocket" crashed into Lake Mj°sa. Several witnesses observed a V1-like object coming in low from the west at about 50 meters height. The witnesses first heard a strong whistling sound, not exactly like that associated with known aircraft. The object flew so low as to cause the trees to sway. It impacted in Lake Mj°sa about two kilometers from the western shore and seven kilometers from Minnesund, where the depth is 300-400 meters. It was cigar-shaped, about 2.5 meters long, with about one meter-long wings placed one meter behind the nose. The front and back parts were shining like metal, but the middle section including the wings was dark. The wings seemed to flap a little, as if made of fabric. No fire, exhaust, or light was seen. When it hit the lake, the water splashed several meters into the air. There was no explosion. The sky was clear, and the water quickly calmed. Some witnesses thought they saw two objects, one in front of the other. The Norwegian Defense High Command conducted an investigation according to press reports of the period, but the documents have never been recovered. There is a distinct possibility that all documents on the 1946 ghost-rocket wave have been destroyed. If so, this is a disaster for UFO historians, who will be left with only newspaper accounts as source material.

Detailed reports and documents
reports/460718norway_report.htm (Rullun)

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