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"Ghost Rocket" Crashes Into Lake
July 19, 1946
Lake Kolmjarv, Sweden

Fran Ridge:
July 19, 1946; Lake Kolmjarv, Sweden
11:45 a.m. Knut Lindbäck (38) and his maid Beda Persson (18) were involved in hay-making. Both were working by the leaning shores of Lake Kölmjärv. It was almost noon, and the sun was broiling hot. All of a sudden a humming sound was heard from the sky.  Knut looked up since he thought it was an airplane. Instead, he spotted a rocket-like device diving towards the lake. In the company of Beda he watched the two meters long, ashen-gray projectile falling into the water about 1.5 km away, near the south-western shore of the lake. A tall column of water emerged and was soon followed by yet another cascade.  That it was a solid object of that he was sure. The object was two meters long and had a snub nose, while the stern was pointed. He thought there were a few small wing-like protrusions on the side, but he wasn't sure. Everything happened so quickly. The length of the water pillar was "a few meters" according to the first newswire report cabled to all Swedish newspapers. From contemporary news items it is further evident that there was no light on, or from, the object. The Swedish news agency TT reported that the two prime witnesses had heard no explosions, however, Lindbäck told Dagens Nyheter that "there was a smashing sound, but this was probably from the water thrown up." The magnitude of the crash is underlined, however, by yet another witness (located in 1984) who was standing by the northern shore of the lake, just a couple of hundred meters from the site of impact. Frideborg Tagebo, 14 years old in 1946, remembers everything clearly.[See more detailed report below] (Carl Feindt)

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