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Man Sees Figures Standing Near Disc
June 24, 1947
Pendleton, Oregon

Albert Rosales:
June 24, 1947; near Pendleton Oregon
Afternoon. A man driving down a remote rural road heard a loud humming sound, and driving over a rise he saw on a nearby field a large disc shaped craft hovering six-feet off the ground. He could also see two short figures wearing green suits and white helmets standing right underneath the object. The figures suddenly vanished and the craft then shot towards the Columbia River, made a big circle then flew towards the mountains. (HC addition # 728. Source: Bob Gribble, Mufon UFO Journal # 290, Type: C) [Comments: Interesting report that occurred on the same day of the Arnold encounter. Also notable is the clothing description of the little men, which was said to have been green, not the little men themselves.]

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