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Boy Photographs Flying Object
July 8, 1947
Norfolk, Virginia

Lara Elliott:
July 8, 1947; Norfolk, Virginia
11:30 PM. On this night a young boy, Billy Turrentine, aged 13/14, managed to photograph a UFO he claimed to be flying across the sky when he was sitting out on the front porch of his apartment. He observed a "grey, almost black" object of large size flying across the sky at a high rate of speed going in a SW to NE direction. He described the large object as if it was "rocking and spinning like a football" and like a "burned crisp". Billy claimed that this large object was also followed by two smaller objects proceeding in the same direction. A white mist was thought to have been followed by all three of the objects. Billy also claimed that the objects were at a much higher altitude and speed (600 miles per hour at an estimated 5000 feet) than that of any plane seen in Norfolk. Photographers have claimed that despite Billy having an old camera, he did a fine job capturing the flying saucer. Billy was interviewed by a Special Agent (unnamed) on the 8th of August regarding this occurrence

Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos:
Please find enclosed the references collected by FOTOCAT for this case:
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Detailed reports and documents
docs/470708_FBI_Turrentine_docs.pdf (Lara Elliott & Paul Dean)

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