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Professor Encounters "Lens" & Creatures
Aug. 14, 1947
Friuli, Italy

Fran Ridge:
Aug. 14, 1947; Friuli, Italy
Time not given. Professor R. L. Johannis was on a rock-hunting expedition in the mountains in the extreme NW part of Italy. He emerged from a stand of trees & saw, on a rocky riverbank, a large red object that seemed to be shaped like a lens. The witness & the creatures approached one another, but when they were a few paces apart, they stopped. Witness felt paralyzed. Two creatures, about 3 feet tall, heads larger than normal human. No hair. Tight-fitting brown caps. Noses straight & long. Eyes large, protuberant, & round; yellow-green in color with a vertical pupil like a cat. Hands had 8 fingers & seemed to be opposed. Randle/Estes reliability rating: 6

Detailed reports and documents
CE-3-304 Randle/Estes, FOV pg 21-23

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