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Rocket-Like Probe Seen
Nr. Newburgh, Indiana

March 4,1950 Indiana

Francis Ridge:
I discovered this on the NARA Blue Book Microfilm site while researching another case. An Evansville Police Department Identification Officer reported to the FBI Field Office at Indianapolis, that a friend reported sighting an object near Newburg (sic), Indiana, at approximately 9 PM. The "rocket" appeared to be 10 or 12 inches in diameter traveling at rate of speed of an aircraft approximately 15 feet above and flying parallel to the ground. The man was driving east approximately two miles east of the junction of Indiana State Hwy 66 and 261 north of Newburgh, when he observed an object he believed to be a rocket at a distance of approximately 50-75 yards in front of his automobile. This object was flying across the highway in a northerly direction. He did not see any flames but he did see some smoke being emitted from the object.

Although the description of the object and its flight characteristics are of a rocket-like object, there is little evidence to indicate a hoax of any kind or a missile. We're hoping to find more information on this case. To see the actual documents from the Department of the Air Force to the Director of Special Investigations at Washington, they are linked below, compliments of the NARA Project Blue Book Archive.

Rocketlike Object At Newburg - NARA Project Blue Book Archive - NARA-PBB90 1157-1158
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