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CE III By Two Witnesses / Oscar Linke Case
June 17, 1950
Hasselbach, Germany

Brad Sparks:
June 17, 1950; Hasselbach, East Germany (BBU)
2:30 a.m. Central Europe Time. Oscar Linke and daughter Gabriella spotted landed 40-50 ft frying pan-shaped object with two rows of 1 ft holes on the periphery, a 10 ft tall black conical tower on top, about 450 ft away, walked towards it until at about 130 ft away saw two "men" in shiny metallic one-piece suits stooped over, and approached to within 30 ft of the "men," when Gabriella called out, the "men" were alarmed and jumped on the conical tower and went inside [object about 80 ft from witnesses?]. The tower retracted, a cylindrical support column shifted position, object turned from green to red, a slight hum was heard, it lifted off the ground and started spinning, sound turned to a whistling as it accelerated and headed off toward Stockhelm. Linke found a round dug impression in the ground seeming to match the support column of the object. (Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 204-6; Davis-Bloecher 1978; Loren Gross)

Detailed reports and documents
jufoh/JournalUFOHistoryVol2No3.pdf (Fran Ridge)
articles/500617_ufoevidence.org_Cases_CaseSubarticle.asp_ID=760.pdf (Fran Ridge)
docs/500617.foia.cia.gov_sites_default_files_document_conversions_89801_DOC_0000015464.pdf (Dan Wilson)
bb/MAXW-PBB9-1194.pdf (Leonard Cramp)
reports/500617hasselbach_report.htm (Martin Kottmeier)

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