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RADCAT is a revitalized special project now being conducted jointly by NICAP & Project 1947 with the help and cooperation of the original compiler of RADCAT, Martin Shough, to create a comprehensive listing of radar cases with detailed documentation from all previous catalogues, including UFOCAT and original RADCAT.

Radar Rumor /Radar Ceases Operation & Antenna Moves.
Nov. 24, 1951
Selfridge Air Force Base, Michigan

Fran Ridge:
Several sightings in lower Michigan, one by a Capital Airlines pilot, at the same time of this radar anomalie. See MISC-PBB2-829 and other links below. MAXW-PBB9-589 says pilot had also heard that the tower had intercepted a message saying that a radar, whose location was classified, had picked up an unidentified return 20 miles east of the station and he assumed that this was what they were asking him about over the phone.

Dan Wilson:
Message received at Command Post, 24 November 2320Z: "Selfridge radar at 2320Z ceased operation and antenna (started)  moving in opposite direction. ADC (Air Defense Command) checked various stations and no flight plan (was) reported than can correspond. Weather CAVU at time of sighting. The Command Post Duty Officer queried Colonel Romig, command military man in research and development, and he had no information to offer

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