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AVCAT is a special project being conducted by NICAP, with the help and cooperation of the original compiler of AIRCAT, Dr. Richard Haines, and other sources, to create a comprehensive listing of sightings from aircraft with detailed documentation from these sources, including Projects SIGN, GRUDGE & BLUE BOOK.

B-29 Crew Followed By UFO (BBU)
Jan 29-30, 1952
Sunchon, South Korea

11:24 p,m, Local
Duration ???
B-29 aircraft
United States
3 observers
No radar contact

Dan Wilson::
Jan. 29-30, 1952; Sunchon, South Korea (BBU)
11:24 p.m. USAF crew (3) of B-29 at 20,000 ft and 125 knots (144 mph) ground speed saw an orange sphere follow the B-29 at their level or slightly below [sun­like in brightness and 600 ft away?]. (LIFE Incident 9; Project 1947; Loren Gross)

Detailed reports and documents
reports/520129sunchon_report.htm (Dan Wilson)
articles/520129korea_articles.htm (Jean Waskiecicz)

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