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AVCAT is a special project being conducted by NICAP, with the help and cooperation of the original compiler of AIRCAT, Dr. Richard Haines, and other sources, to create a comprehensive listing of sightings from aircraft with detailed documentation from these sources, including Projects SIGN, GRUDGE & BLUE BOOK.

Auto-Sized Cylinder Tries To Intercept B-29?
Feb. 24, 1952
Antung, Korea

11:15 p.m. local
Duration ???
B-29 aircraft
1 observer
No radar contact

Fran Ridge:
This Blue Book case (with fine-tuned corrections) illustrates the need to research and log other very brief, meteorlike incidents as we have been doing, since this UFO might have normally been written off.

Brad Sparks:

Feb. 23 [24?], Sinuiju [Antung?], North Korea (BBU 1061)
10:15 [11:15?] p.m. USAF 345th Bomber Sq Captain/B-29 navigator saw a bluish cylinder, 3x long as wide, with a tail and rapid pulsations, come in high and fast, make several turns and level out under B-29 which was evading mild antiaircraft fire. (Berliner; FUFOR Index)

Dan Wilson:
Feb. 24, 1952; Antung, Korea, (BBU 1061)
11:15 p.m. local. After a leaflet mission the navigator of a B-29 aircraft observed an object approaching the aircraft at high velocity. The object appeared to round it shape at first. As it came closer the shape appeared to be cylindrical and the size of an automobile. The object continued to close in and turned to left as though making a correction to intercept the B-29. The object appeared to come within 3000 feet of the aircraft and then headed down below the B-29. The B-29 was flying at 22,000 feet at a speed of 200 knots.

Detailed reports and documents
reports/520224antung_report.htm (Dan Wilson)

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