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Bara da Tijuca Photos
May 7, 1952
Coast of Brazil, nr Punta da Marisco, nr Rio de Janeir

Richard Hall:
May 7, 1952; Coast of Brazil, near Punta da Marisco, nr Rio de Janeiro
Barra da Tijuca, Brazil, photographs of disc, taken by magazine writers Ed Keffel and Joao Martins. NICAP has never obtained any negatives for analysis. Prints show disc from five different angles. Critics have pointed out that in main photograph shadows on object do not coincide with shadows on the ground below. Until the criticism is fully answered, photographs must be considered suspect. (UFOE, 1964, pg. 88)

Kevin Randle:
According to the APRO analysis, enlargements of the surrounding area showed a dead tree without any branches on it. They suggested that the sunlight on the trunk of that tree was in the proper place, and suggested that this showed that the photographs were not faked. Or rather, it showed that there were no internal inconsistencies, so the authenticity of the photographs could not be questioned for that reason..... Today, the best evidence seems to suggest the case is a hoax, perpetrated by two magazine writers who wanted an interesting story. By themselves, even if authentic, the pictures do not prove that UFOs are extraterrestrial. The pictures merely suggest that something unusual was seen flying above Brazil. The conclusion of hoax is not surprising, given both the attitudes of the investigators and the mission of the Condon Committee.

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