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AVCAT is a special project being conducted by NICAP, with the help and cooperation of the original compiler of AIRCAT, Dr. Richard Haines, and other sources, to create a comprehensive listing of sightings from aircraft with detailed documentation from these sources, including Projects SIGN, GRUDGE & BLUE BOOK.

F9F Encounters "Shooting Star"
May 13, 1952
El Centro Naval Air Station

3:15 a.m. PST
Duration not stated
aircraft F9F
United States
1 observer
No radar contact

Dan Wilson:
May 13, 1952; El Centro Naval Air Station, California (BB)
At 3:15 a.m. PST, an F9F pilot taking off from El Centro NAS saw what appeared to be a shooting star diving at an angle of 60 degrees. At around the same time there was a report from the El Centro Sheriff's Office of five "Flying Saucers" as large as B-36's with a light underneath. They disappeared to the southwest at terrific speed. All told there were four separate reports of unidentified aerial object in the El Centro area on this date. (Blue Book docs, Dan Wilson)

Detailed reports and documents
reports/520513elcentro_report.htm (Dan Wilson)

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