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RADCAT is a revitalized special project now being conducted jointly by NICAP & Project 1947 with the help and cooperation of the original compiler of RADCAT, Martin Shough, to create a comprehensive listing of radar cases with detailed documentation from all previous catalogues, including UFOCAT and original RADCAT.

One of Fourteen Sightings Corroborated By Radar
July 23, 1952
Trenton, New Jersey/Dover AFB, Delaware Area

Fran Ridge:
July 23, 1952; Trenton, New Jersey/Dover AFB, Delaware Area
According to Kevin Randle, F-94s from Dover Air Force Base in Delaware made fourteen different visual observa­tions over a two hour period from early in the morning to about ten forty-five a.m. Only one of the sightings was corroborated by radar (Trenton/Dover area). The objects were at a very high altitude. The colors were described in one sighting as bluish-white, in another as orange, and in a third as just "very high, bright lights." According to some of the re­ports, the objects emitted a whistling noise. It should also be noted that flight crews from the same base were in­volved, and later would again be involved, in the sight­ings around Washington, D.C. UFOs were not unknown to them. (Source: INVASION WASHINGTON, page 64.) Tom DeMary located the BB doc that identified the Trenton case which made it possible to find the BBU listing by Brad Sparks below.

Brad Sparks:
July 23, 1952; Trenton, New Jersey (BBU 1572)
10:50 p.m. 12:45, 1:28-3:47 a.m. Crews of several USAF F-94 jet interceptors from Dover AFB, Del., made 13 visual sightings and one radar tracking of blue-white [orange?] lights. White, green and blue lights were seen by ground observers and F-94 pilots moving in arcs and blinking out suddenly. F-94 crew got radar lock on at 30,000 ft away of object the size of an F­94, at 9,000 ft away the object made a sharp right turn, suddenly dropped in height and disappeared. Other sightings in the Dover-Trenton area. 2 hrs. (Berliner; Loren Gross)

Detailed reports and documents
reports/520723trenton_rep.htm (Tom DeMary)

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