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AVCAT is a special project being conducted by NICAP, with the help and cooperation of the original compiler of AIRCAT, Dr. Richard Haines, and other sources, to create a comprehensive listing of sightings from aircraft with detailed documentation from these sources, including Projects SIGN, GRUDGE & BLUE BOOK.

Saucer Hit By Jet Gunfire, Fragment Recovered? No Evidence
July 23, 1952
Washington, D.C.

9:00 p.m. local ???
Duration ???
aircraft not specified
United States
1 observer
No radar contact

Fran Ridge:
July 23, 1952; Washington, DC
9:00 p.m. According to information we had accumulated from several sources, a "probe", a UFO about two feet in diameter, was fired upon by an Air Force or Navy jet over Washington, knocking a piece off of it which fell to the ground and was allegedly recovered. Wilbert Smith (Canadian Project Magnet) admitted that a number of fragments from UFOs had been recovered and analyzed by his research group, including one that had been shot from a UFO near Washington (Alvin Moore fragment). The best hypothesis is this: Moore is telling the truth; he mentioned it first to the Navy. The Bureau analyzed the thing cursorily. They and the Navy found it not terribly interesting. Thomas convinced Moore to write his story up for Ruppelt, and he also told Keyhoe. Blue Book wasn't too interested either but Keyhoe was, a little. Smith heard (probably from Keyhoe) and requested the object from Moore/USN. They saw it as insignificant and sent it in. Somehow later Smith glued on the whole shoot-a-piece off thing. Where he got that, who knows?? Where the 9:00 p.m. detail came from, I don't know. Without the the shootem-down report from the BB files we have nothing to hang our hat on here, not even a good physical trace case. For the record, this case (although rated a '0") is cross-referenced on the dBase as a Cat 11 & Cat 6. 

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