Case Directory - Category: 1; Sightings, Distant Encounters
Flying Discs Over Albuquerque
August 1, 1952
Albuquerque, NM

Francis Ridge:
9:50 PM. No sound. At first they appeared overhead, clustered together in no apparent pattern, heading north. Then they shifted to a perfect V. the shift was done with precision. The formation resembled a flight of geese. Within a few seconds they formed a new pattern – two rows with the objects in front spaced at exact intervals. The “saucers” in the second row were spaced evenly between those in the first row. If the objects were about 2500 feet over the city, as they first appeared, they moved only about as fast as an F-86 Sabrejet. Going on this assumption, their shifts in position were incredibly swift and fantastically violent – in terms of our experience. This is one of the reports held by Maj. Dewey Fournet in his "motion study" that does not appear in the Blue Book files. 

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