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Field Strength Meter Photograph (Hoax)
Aug. 5, 1952
Delft, Netherlands

Dan Wilson:
August 5, 1952; Delft, Netherlands (BB)
Mr. Luck Nyhof, a radio engineer, was making tests on a V.H.F. antenna on top of a roof, making measurements with a field strength meter. He took pictures of the meter with a Zeiss Ikon camera to verify a reading. Nyhof continued making tests and at 4:35 p.m., he suddenly saw a bright silver light in the sky moving at tremendous speed. As the object came closer it turned towards Nyhof and looked like a bright silver round plate. Still holding the camera Nyhof took a picture. He then looked at the field strength meter and noticed a strong dip in the meter deflection of the indicating instrument. The object disappeared at a tremendous speed. The object was in view for approximately 10-15 seconds.
(Wilson, BB files)

Brad Sparks:
Aug-Sept, 1952; Delft, Netherlands
Hoax UFO photo by Luuk Nyhof (Nijhof).  Date uncertain, several possible dates Aug. 5, 26, or 28, or Sept. 2, 1952. *

Detailed reports and documents
1952,+5+de+agosto,+Delft,+Machlin-Beckley.jpg (Barry Greenwood)
1952_09_02_NE_Delft_BB_Photo.pdf (BB docs, Barry Greenwood)
Delft Netherlands Nyhof UFO Photo Hoax Aug-Sept 1952.pdf (Analysis, Sparks) *
This is the FOTOCAT entry for this case:
05/08/1952 (Aug 5)        16,35     Fake        Delft (Netherlands)            PHOTO               Luuk Nijhof              15secs                                          
USAF, (See BB docs, Barry Greenwood above)
De Telegraaf
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