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Blips Cause Scramble of F-94s
Winter 1952-1953
Goose AFB, Labrador

Fran Ridge:
This is just one of many encounters in the Labrador area in the early 1950's, the Bob Jones incident. Around eleven o’clock in the evening a target appeared on the radar screen. It was located about ninety miles out and approaching from the north at an approximate speed of ninety mph. The radar in use was not equipped with any method of measuring altitude, so the height of the target could not be determined. The fact that the target was approaching from due north (0 degrees on the radar screen) was very unusual since no military or civilian airfields were located in that direction. Its slow speed of travel was equally strange. Most aircraft that approached Goose Bay from a northerly direction were flights coming in from Thule, Greenland. where the United States was building an air base and radar site. The azimuth direction of such flights, as displayed on the radar screen, was about 045 degrees. (see report below)

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