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Drury Film / Saucer-Like Object Climbing
August 23, 1953
Port Moresby, New Guinea, Australia

Keith Basterfield:
Aug. 23, 1953; Port Moresby, New Guinea (BBU)
At about noon, a Mr T P Drury, his wife and young son, observed an unusual object in the sky, from Port Moresby, New Guinea [09:30S; 147:09E.] It was initially seen at about 50 degree elevation, to the south-west. The duration of the sighting is unknown, but appears to have been a few seconds. The object appeared to ‘climb’ but this may have been simply an increase in angular elevation. It faded from view. There was no sound. It is reported that a trail from the object remained visible for 30 minutes. Mr Drury took an unknown amount of colour movie film of the object. This was sent to the USA. Upon its return, there were claims that some of the footage of the object was missing. Drury always maintained that the object was a ‘guided missile.’(Basterfield, K & Dean, P. Cold case review 2017; McDonald list; Sparks; wrong date Aug 31 given in UFOE, VIII)

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