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Lady Observes Saucer / Small Entity Gets Out
April 8, 1954
Chicago, Illinois

Dan Wilson:
April 8, 1954; Chicago, Illinois (BBU 2962)
4:30-5 p.m. Lelah H. Stoker saw a brilliant white round-topped disc, parachute-shaped, with a humanoid suspended beneath it, skim back and forth over the water. Stoker called the Coast Guard, a CG cutter appeared after 10 mins, then the UFO approached shore. Stoker saw a short human-like occupant in a green tight one-piece suit and suspended below the object who got out in undergrowth along the shore then walked around. When CG cutter gave up searching the occupant returned to the object which moved back over the lake then took off at high speed to the E. (Berliner; Davis-Bloecher 1978) Project Blue Book Summary states: Lady observed a saucer. Saucer landed and little green man got out, walked around and climbed back into his saucer and took off. UNIDENTIFIED.

Fran Ridge:
Another numbered Unknown from the Blue Book files. See NARA-PBB1-110 below. This means the Air Force was unable to explain it. If I didn't know better I would think this was a hang-gliding parachute device drawn by a boat. No boat. Surprised the AF didn't invent one.

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reports/540408chicago_report.htm (Dan Wilson)
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