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150' Object Passes Over DC-3 Crew From Behind
June 23, 1955
Utica, NY / Boston, MA

Fran Ridge:
June 23, 1955; Utica, NY / Boston, MA
12:15 p.m. A Mohawk Airlines DC-3 was cruising at 3000' in good daylight visibility below a 4000' overcast, about 15 miles E of Utica, N.Y., on a heading ESE to Albany, N.Y. at 160 knots. Both pilot and copilot saw an object come over the top of their aircraft from behind, an estimated 500' above their altitude, on a heading that made a 20-degree angle with the vertical as it crossed the windshield. They estimated the length of the object at about 150'. It was described as: "light gray, almost round, with a center line .... Beneath the line there were several (at least four) windows which emitted a bright blue-green light. It was not rotating but went straight. [The lights] seemed to change colour slightly from greenish to bluish or vice versa [as the object receded]. A few minutes after it went out of sight, two other aircraft (one, a Colonial DC-3, the other I did not catch the number) reported that they saw it and wondered if anyone else had seen it. The Albany control tower also reported that they had seen an object go by on Victor-2 [airway]. As we approached Albany, we overheard that Boston radar had also tracked an object along Victor-2, passing Boston and still eastbound."

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