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Object Filmed During Missile Test
March 22, 1957
Point Mugu, California

Brad Sparks:
March 22, 1957; Point Mugu, Calif. (BBU)
12:10 p.m. (PST). (McDonald list)

Dan Wilson:
March 22, 1957; Point Mugu, Calif. (BBU)
12:10 p.m. PST. A circular object with 16 equal sides, the size of silver dollar and whitish in color, was observed. Object appeared on film. Observer was watching missiles and there were many aircraft in area. The film belongs to the Navy and unavailable at present because it contains classified information. Film was taken in conjunction with missile test. Witness: Raymond Wilson (CWO) The test involved a Regulus missile. (See document #4 *) The SSM-N-8A Regulus was a ship and submarine-launched, nuclear-armed turbojet-powered cruise missile deployed by the United States Navy from 1955 to 1964. Its barrel-shaped fuselage resembled that of numerous fighter aircraft designs of the era, but without a cockpit. When the missile was ready for launch, it was fitted with two large booster rockets on the aft end of the fuselage.

Jan Aldrich:
Overall it can be said that this here is a obfuscated case and once again the Navy is involved in this. Some members of the Condon Committee were on the trail of Navy UFO reports when Low called a halt to several areas of endeavor and directed the committee to start on the analyses and reporting phases of the investigation.

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