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  Category 5, Medical Cases 
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A special Hynek Classification of Close Encounter where medical effects are reported.  An incident involving an object usually less than 500 feet from the witness with physiological or psychological effects.  

Fiery Object Dives Into River / Children Hospitalized
March 28, 1957
Ciudad Bolivar, South America

Fran Ridge:
March 28,1957; Ciudad Bolivar, South America
Four young people between the ages of 13 and 16 had been hospitalized as a result of shock and undiagnosed illness after seeing a fiery object dive into the Orinoco River. When the object touched the water, it caused great "luminosity," and all of the young people fainted at the sight. Hospital and medical authorities were concerned about the young people who had stayed abed for several days. They were found in the unconscious condition by the mother of one of the girls. (Rullan, The APRO Bulletin, May, 1957, p. 7. Roderick Dyke of Archives for UFO Research [AUFOR], 13371 Manzanita Road NE, Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110, USA. Member: Society of American Archivists [SSA])

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