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Edwards AFB Case
May 2, 1957
Edwards AFB, California

Brad Sparks:
May 2, 1957. Edwards AFB, Calif. (BBU 4715)
6:55-7:20 a.m. (PDT). James D. Bittick and John R. Gettys, Jr., civilian phototheodolite operators, were driving by truck to Askania Site #4 when they sighted an object above them about 500 yards away. They radioed a report to their supervisor Frank Baker who told them to set up the camera and try to film the object, which they did after about 10 mins. They photographed what they described as a golden luminous domed-saucer shaped object with holes or ports around the dome about 100 ft in diameter about 1 mile in the distance to the N headed E (photos show multiple? objects). Available phototheodolite frames 614, 620 and 651 (609 too blurred, cutoff) show azimuth 1028' elevation 224' shifting E to azimuth 4030' elevation 10'. Disappeared at about 5 miles. Possible jet fighter interception. [Possible weather balloon with slow leak, explanation denied by Edwards AFB Colonel Klein (sp?) analyzing actual tracking of balloon and wind direction.] (Tom Tulien; Jan Aldrich; McDonald 1968 pp. 75, 85; Loren Gross Mar-May 1957 pp. 67-68; IUR Oct 2005) 25 mins 2 witnesses 8 Full Moons? photo-theodolite

Fran Ridge:
This is McDonald case #41 and BB case # 4715. The implications of what Cooper has said on camera is very interesting, if true (See YouTubes below). In 1957, when Cooper was 30 and a captain, he was assigned to Fighter Section of the Experimental Flight Test Engineering Division at Edwards Air Force Base in California. He acted as a test pilot and project manager. But nowhere in the documentation below is Cooper mentioned, so therefore we must assume this was another case.  (Cooper's report).

Mike Swords:
The issue is that Max Miller wrote [at the time] that the case occurred on May 3rd. Later one of the witnesses told McDonald that it occurred on May 3rd. [even drew him a picture of the UFO with the May 3rd date labeling it]. Then McDonald, who had correspondence wherein he said "May 3rd",  went to the Project Blue Book files and said that the official documents there said May 2nd. *

Detailed reports and documents
reports/570502edwards_UAG.htm (UFOs & Government, Swords, et al) *
reports/570502edwards_report.htm [over 100 BB documents] (Dan Wilson)
Case # 41 (Dr. James E. McDonald)
Comments (Brad Sparks)
Askania Photos (Courtesy of Jan Aldrich)
reports/570502edwardsafb_[email discussion] (Sparks/Aldrich)

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