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A Hynek Classification of Close Encounter is usually an incident involving an object less than 500 feet from the witness.  The size of the object,  viewing conditions, or stereoscopic vision (depth perception)  may render the object in greater detail and still qualify the sighting as a Close Encounter even though the object may have been beyond 500'.  The incident depicted in the logo was encountered during an intense storm near Princeton, IN,  Aug. 1973.

Round Object Maneuvers Over Base
Aug. 27, 1957
Eglin AFB, Florida

Dan Wilson:
Aug. 27, 1957; Eglin AFB, Florida (BB)
9:35 p.m. EST. At least six airmen including control tower operators observed a round object with a white light over Eglin AFB for approximately 5 minutes. At one point the object was seen at an estimated 700 feet altitude going straight up and then back down. The object appeared to circle the hanger at an estimated 2000 feet and at this time a red and white light were seen.

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reports/570827eglin_report.htm (Dan Wilson)

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