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                         UFO Kills Tractor Engine, Stalls Two Autos
October 15, 1957
Covington, Indiana

Chris Wyatt:
October 15; 1957; Fountain County, Indiana
While working his fields, Robert Moudy, a Fountain County farmer, encountered a silver platter-shaped object that hovered 1500 ft. above him with a pink flame belching from the bottom. He described the object as being 12 ft. in diameter and gave off a glow like a "bright light". The object hung over him for several minutes then it sounded a loud "whirling, screaming noise" and rose swiftly into the sky, its color changing "from pink to a light blue". The farmer said his combine engine died when the object rose at about a 20 degree angle and did not start again until object disappeared high in the sky. The farmer noticed two other automobiles on a nearby road at the time also were stalled. (Source: UFOE, VIII; Rushville Republican (Rushville, Indiana) 5 Nov 1957, Tue Page 1)

Detailed reports and documents
Rushville Republican (Rushville, Indiana) 5 Nov 1957 (Chris Wyatt)

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