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Fort Itaipu Incident
Nov. 3, 1957
Brazilian Fort of Itaipu

Fran Ridge:
Nov. 3, 1957; 3. Brazilian Fort of Itaipu
2:00 a.m. Two sentries at the heavily defended Brazilian fort of Itaipu near Santos noticed a bright orange light over the sea. To their amazement it became larger and larger and was obviously approaching the fort. The sentries' suprise turned to fear as the object loomed steadily larger in the darkness. It became obvious to them that this was no ordinary phenomenon. The object held its course until it was directly over the sentries, and was visible as a gigantic round body which flooded the ground and three guns with a mysterious red light. The sentries gazed up at the threatening monster with open mouths, its diameter was at least as large as the wingspan of a DC-3 and scarcely a hundred meters away. Suddenly there was a strange buzzing noise, and the men felt a wave of glowing heat. One of them collapsed on the spot, but the other succeeded in reaching safety in the shadow of the gun emplacements. His shouts of alarm roused his comrades inside the fort, where the lights suddenly went out. Men ran to and fro in the confusion, tumbling out into the open to bring help to the sentry. In the meantime the emergency power was switched on, but immediately gave out. Only a few minutes after the alarm, two men were out of the fort and at their sides. They too saw the UFO, which was now heading out to sea. It left a luminous trail as it shot away across the Atlantic. The two sentries were taken to a hospital in Rio. They suffered second and third-degree burns on large areas of their body, chiefly in areas covered by clothing. (I believe this came from notes by Isaac Koi)

Brad Sparks:
The incident lasted 3 minutes until the power blackouut at 2:03 a.m.APRO's Brazilian Rep Dr Olavo Fontes uncovered the incident initially from the report of one Brazilian Army officer witness at Fort Itaipu then later 3 more Army officer witnesses for a total of 4 Army officer witnesses and at that point went public in the Sept 1959 APRO Bulletin/ Fontes tried to interview the two burned soldiers but was not permitted access despite his medical doctor credentials. He was able to confirm that the soldiers were under treatment for burns.Interestingly, Fontes speculated on the possibility that UFO's might have electromagnetic systems that can disable automobile ignition systems, and which could cause burns to humans.Thanks to Paul Dean's fantastic discovery on July 16, 2016, of the USAF's UFO sensor system detection networks in South Vietnam in 1968 during Vietnam war, we have a wealth of declassified documentation on the operation of sensor systems.  One type of sensor system called BLACK CROW mounted on surveillance aircraft and IGLOO WHITE for air-dropped ground sensors, detected the S-band microwave radio pulses from the poorly-shield gasoline engines of trucks.  It is an obvious next step to attempt to use these signals in reverse to interfere with the ignition systems.

Rob Swiatek:
The Fort Itaipu incident is mentioned in the Air Force Academy's infamous "Introductory Space Science, Volume II" pamphlet (*) that was apparently part of its Physics 370 course from circa 1968-1974.  UFOs were discussed in chapter 33.  It's funny:  Only a handful of cases are mentioned in any detail in chapter 33, and this crazy Fort Itaipu incident--which has little pedigree to fall back on--is one of them. 

Detailed reports and documents
19571104_Fort_Itaipu_APRO_BULLETIN_Sept_1959.pdf (APRO/Brad Sparks)
 Introductory Space Science, Volume II (Rob Swiatek) *
571103Itaipu_refs_ koi.htm

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