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Bright Cylinder Chased By Police, E-M Effects
Nov. 4, 1957
Elmwood Park, Illinois

Dan Wilson:
Nov. 4, 1957; Elmwood Park, Illinois
Reddish elongated object at low level pursued by police in squad car.

Fran Ridge:
Nov. 4, 1957; Elmwood Park, Illinois
Early morning. Three suburban policemen reported seeing an aerial phenomenon similar to the one reported in West Texas and new Mexico. The officers of the Elmwood Park Police said that a bright cigar-shaped cylinder appeared in the early morning darkness.  Policeman Clifford Shaw said the headlights and spotlight on the squad car dimmed in the the presence of the object. Joseph Lukasek and Dan Diglovanni said that the squad chased the object which dipped and then rose again before speeding off, for a mile and a half. Elmwood Park fireman Bob Volz also reported seeing a red-dish-orange aerial object in the early morning that sent chills up his spine. (United Press)

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