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60' Egg-Shaped Object Disables Auto
Nov. 5, 1957
San Antonio, Texas

Dan Wilson:
Nov. 5, 1957; San Antonio (near), Texas (BB)
Night. Near Lackland Air Force Base, civil service employee Lon Yarborough was driving along U.S. 81 from Devine to San Antonio when he saw an extremely bright object settle down in a ravine about 200 yards from him. He. said he was a mile and a half from San Antonio at the time. The egg-shaped object was approximately 60 foot long and caused the lights and engine of his 1957 car to fail. He said his car was in perfect mechanical condition. The object, he said, rested a few minutes and finally took off in the direction of San Antonio. The sighting happened at night.(It is very curious that the newspaper article says the witnesses saw the object for a few minutes while PBB says the observation was 5 seconds. Who ya gonna believe?)

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