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Four Huge Saucers Land Near Car, Engine Stalls
Nov. 23, 1957
Tonopah, Nevada

Brad Sparks:
Nov. 23, 1957; 30 miles W of Tonopah, Nevada (BBU)
6:10-6:30 a.m. (PST). 1st Lt. Joseph F. Long, fighter pilot. Car engine stalled, he heard high-pitched whining noise, saw four landed 50-foot saucer-shaped UFO's to the right of the road at 900-1200 ft away. He approached on foot to 50 ft distance, objects lifted off, flew north over highway, disappeared behind hills 1/2 mile away. Ground impressions at the landing site. (UFOE, II; Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 182-6; Willy Smith pp. 71-79; Vallée Magonia 445) 20 mins

Detailed reports and documents
reports/571123tonopah_report.htm (Dan Wilson)

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