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                         Car Motor Failed, Saturn-Shaped Disc Hovering Overhead
Feb. 24, 1958
Santa Antonio de Jesus (near), Brazil

Fran Ridge:
Feb. 24, 1958; Santa Antonio de Jesus (near), Brazil
3:05 a.m. Car motor failed; passengers then noticed a Saturn-shaped disc hovering overhead. It happened when the observers were traveling between the villages of Santo Antonio de Jesus and Conceicao Almeida. They were on a night trip. The motor of their car began acting up-coughing and missing. Then it abruptly stopped dead. All attempts to detect the trouble failed. The next inhabited place was far away. The travelers decided that the best thing to do was to sleep at that spot, beside the road. Next morning they would try something about the situation, getting help from some nearby village or farm. It was then that they sighted a large luminous object hovering overhead. According to Dr. Pereira's report, "it glowed with a strange light, which seemed fluid-between silver and blue. It was only a light when first sighted, but that light approached and we were able to notice that a body existed inside the glow. This object was shaped like two hemispheres placed on top of each other, but between them there was a luminous disk (or ring) spinning at high speed. It was the source of the brilliant g:ow encircling the whole object." The UFO came silently toward the car and stopped in mid-air about 240 feet (80 meters ) from the observers, at an altitude of about 90 feet (30 meters ). Then, "it came down slowly, in a vertical descent, until it was only 9 or 12 feet above the ground. (See complete article and text below by Dr. Olavo Fontes)

Detailed reports and documents
APRO BULLETIN May p7.pdf (Dr. Olavo Fontes, Brad Sparks)
reports2/580224-fontes-transcription of above article.

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