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Elongated Vertical Cylinder Observed By SAC Personnel
Sept. 8, 1958
SAC HQ, Offfutt AFB, Omaha, Nebraska

Brad Sparks:
Sept. 8, 1958;  SAC HQ, Offutt AFB, Omaha, Neb. (BBU)
6:40 p.m. (CST).  SAC Operations officer-flight-engineeer-celestial navigator Maj. Paul A, Duich, USAF, plus several USAF officers from AF Ballistic Missiles Division, Los Angeles AFS, Calif., and many other Offutt AFB officers and airmen, plus Offutt air traffic control tower personnel, saw an brilliantly white elongated cylindrical object hovering in the W at about 270 azimuth elevation 30 just after sunset [sunset at 6:46 p.m. CST at azimuth 278], object oriented vertically with blunter end highest [about 1/10 width/length ratio].  After several mins object turned dull orange-red and became sharper in outline.  A swarm of about 10 "black specks" appeared to "cavort" around the lower end of the object for about 1 min before disappearing then the cylinder object began to rotate counterclockwise so no longer oriented vertically and started drifting slowly to the S from due W and dropping in elevation angle over about 5 mins [to about 20 elevation about 268 azimuth] until oriented horizontally and diminishing in angular size.  Then during final 5 mins object continued angular descent and S drift and gradual decrease in angular size but began rotating orientation back clockwise to about 45 angle (10:30 o'clock) until disappearing by fading into the slight atmospheric haze in the cloudless sky at about 265 azimuth 5 elevation [angular size about 1/3 of initial size].  USAF Col. took several color photos with 35 mm camera on tripod but later claimed nothing came out. Reported to ATIC but no report in BB files. 20 mins 25+ witnesses 10-20? Full Moons SAC HQ + photos?  (Sparks; UFOE, III)

Jan Aldrich:
It is one of those reports which never made it to PBB.  It was filmed.  SAC records are at St. Louis, a swamp into which almost nothing makes it out.

Fran Ridge:
Duich, 67, died December 31, 1983, of a heart ailment. He was a research engineer in the Flight System Division and Performance Department of the Rockwell Space Division in Downey, California, working on the Space Shuttle program. Duich, navigator, was major at the time of the 1958 sighting. An excellent account of the incident was published in The UFO Evidence in 1964 by NICAP and was reprinted in the MUFON UFO Journal.

Duich stated:
I collected (a) few names of individuals present, as (I) intended to report the UFO to the proper authorities. (I) called the filter center and reported the facts over the telephone in the presence of fellow officer(s) and coworker(s). (I) was told that (I) would be contacted for interview within 48 hours by AT1C (Air Technical Intelligence Center) representatives. Am still waiting - 5-1/2 years later.

Detailed reports and documents
reports2/Duich_sighting (UFOS-A-History).pdf
Text version of NICAP report [Robert Powell] (UFO-Evidence-Hall)
Hidden Reports [Jim Klotz] (NICAP UFOI Apr-May 1961)
docs2/1958_09_08_US_NE_Offutt_AFB_Duich.pdf [Barry Greenwood] (NICAP file)

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