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Redlands Photo In BB Files
Dec. 13, 1958
Redlands, California

Wendy Connors:
December 13, 1958,  Redlands, California

Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos:
Photographer (was) John D. Penney. USAF says it was a lenticular cloud. * I do not have more BB papers but these must exist. A picture was published in "The TRUE Reports on Flying Saucers" (Fawcett), 1, 1967, p 18. I have a xerox copy and the enclosed scan is made from it. ** If someone could get this number, a better scan might be done. Larry Robinson catalog lists this case as "moving wind sock". A very brief mention appears in Wendelle Stevens & August Roberts, UFO Photographs Around the World Vol 3, UFO Photo Archives, 1993, p 246.

Detailed reports and documents
images/581213redlands_photo.jpg (Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos)
NARA-PBB1-208 *

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