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Photographer Captures Flying Saucer in Photograph of the Moon
February 21, 1960
Grand Blanc, Michigan

Lara Elliott:
February 21, 1960; Grand Blanc, Michigan
1:00 a.m. Mr Joe Perry took a photograph of the moon with his homemade telescope. Later, after he had taken the photograph, he found that there was an object silhouetted against the moon. In a March 1960 Detroit Times article headed "FBI WANTS TO KNOW. Pizza Pie-Or Flying Saucer", Mr.Perry, operator of a pizza restaurant in Grand Blanc and talented photographer told of his sighting. The customers in his restaurant frequently asked about the photograph and decided that it was in fact a UFO silhouetted against the moon. Mr Perry contacted NASA and the FBI and was interviewed by two FBI agents from the Flint office. Mr Perry stated that he "showed them several slides of the photograph". The agents allegedly seemed uninterested yet took that photograph along with several others belonging to Mr Perry. The case files of this incident were also allegedly forwarded onto the Air Force Office of Special Investigations at Selfridge Air Force Base and to NASA headquarters. A handwritten note from a NASA source to the FBI was discovered on the matter. It states: "Please do what you can to obtain Mr. Perry's photograph for our interest. An opportunity to examine would be appreciated." I have a copy of the article which I obtained off of NICAP documents from the FBI vaults and this happened to be one of them in it. It was brought to the FBI's attention by the secretary of NICAP; Mr Richard Hall.

Mike Swords:
NICAP was satisfied that [Max] Miller's analysis [see link below] was correct or at least reasonable. They were obviously convinced that, since Joe Perry, the photographer, had received his photo back and handed it on to them, that Perry thought that this was his photo.

Detailed reports and documents
docs/vault.fbi.gov_UFO_UFO_20Part_2014_20of_2016.pdf (Albert Rosales)

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