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RADCAT is a revitalized special project now being conducted jointly by NICAP & Project 1947 with the help and cooperation of the original compiler of RADCAT, Martin Shough, to create a comprehensive listing of radar cases with detailed documentation from all previous catalogues, including UFOCAT and original RADCAT.

National Air Defense Alert
April 18, 1962
From New York to Las Vegas - A Ten-State Incident 

8 Oct 2006; upated: 19 Feb 2010 (* 78 new documents by Dan Wilson); 11 June 2010 Holloway paper
Fran Ridge:

The Air Defense Command was alerted after the object was tracked by NORAD and ground witnesses as it traveled for 32-minutes from Oneida, New York across the midwest, through Kansas & Colorado, Utah, and the disappeared from Nellis AFB radar at 10,000 feet. Jets had been scrambled from two locations. Power outages were reported and the object made a turn toward the east and landed. There is quite a bit of information from numerous sources concerning this major incident, including Project Blue Book documents, and now possible confirmation by a radar man at ATIC. The case is also NOT explained in a BB monthly sighting listing for April 1962. It is very interesting that every one of these states except Utah, has or was in the process of obtaining ICBM Bases: New York, Plattsburg AFB;  Kansas, Forbes AFB, McConnell AFB; Utah, Minuteman production at Air Force Plant 77 at Hill AFB; Idaho, Mountain Home AFB; Montana, Malmstrom AFB; New Mexico, Walker AFB; Wyoming, F. E. Warren AFB; Arizona, Davis Monthan AFB; California, Beale AFB. (Don Berliner, Brad Sparks, Dan Wilson)

Detailed Reports:
The Las Vegas UFO Crash (Kevin Randle)
reports/nevada_fireball.doc (Scott Holloway)

Project Blue Book Documents
AF Confirms Object No Meteor & Unidentified; MISC-PBB2-1051-1053 (Fran Ridge) rep1.htm
Front Page: Myst Obj Trkd  ADC Over 9 ICBM States, MISC-PBB2-1058 (D. Wilson)_rep2.htm
NY to Eureka, UT, to Nellis, Las Vegas, NV, MISC-PBB2-1071-1074, 1105 (D. Wilson) rep3.htm
Fireball Lights Skies In Ten States, MISC-PBB2-1057 (Dan Wilson)_rep4.htm
Hynek & Lt. Col. Friend Say UFO Was a Bolide, MISC-PBB2-1113-1114 (Fran Ridge)_rep5.htm
C-119 Pilot, Hill AFB, MISC-PBB2-1064-1067 (Fran Ridge)_rep6.htm
Object Tracked on Radar - No Meteor, NARA-PBB1-268 (Fran Ridge)_rep7.htm
Radar at Nellis Confirms Obj Chnged Course, MISC-PBB2-1048-1050, 1058 (F. Ridge)_rep8.htm
Memo for Congressional Inq Div Says Object A Bolide, MISC-PBB2-1112 (Fran Ridge)_rep9.htm
* Eureka, Utah, Rocky Mountain Area (78 Documents in 4 pdf files !!! ) (Dan Wilson)_rep10.htm

Other Sources
April 18, 1962, Power Out for 42 Minutes (Dan Wilson)
First Titan 1 Wing Became Operational at Lowry AFB (CO) on April 18, 1962 (Dan Wilson)
xxxApril 18, 1962, NSC Meeting, Kennedy Approved Atmospheric Test Series (Dan Wilson)

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