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Rotating Object & Animal Reaction
Feb. 15, 1963
Willow Grove, Australia

Keith Basterfield:
February 15, 1963; Willow Grove, Australia
7:10 hrs local time. Farmer Charles Brew and his son Trevor were in a milking shed, milking a herd of cows. Charles saw an object descend very steeply out of the east out of low cloud, at about a forty-five degree angle. The object was described as about 25 feet in diameter, and about 9-10 feet high. The lower portion, about three feet high, was rotating in an anti-clockwise direction, and was of a bluish appearance. The upper portion of the object appeared to be stationary; battleship grey in colour, with a transparent dome on top. Protruding out of this dome was something which resembled a broom handle. A sound, described as a 'swishing' or 'burbling' was heard by Charles and also by Trevor. Trevor did not see the object due to his position in the milking shed.
The weather at the time was described as low cloud, with rain. Visibility was poor with no thunder or lightning. The wind Charles said, was from the east. The object travelled across the sky, and using a tree for a reference, Charles estimated the object came as close as 75 feet. When due north of him, it hovered over a tree for a few seconds, and then took off to the W at a very fast speed, at an estimated 45 degree angle and lost in the low cloud. The total duration was 15-16 seconds. Cows, and a nearby horse, reacted by running away from the shed area. Charles reported he had a headache (an unusual occurrence for him) following the event, which lasted a day. He also reported a slight drop in milk production from the herd, over the week following the incident. (Sources: (1) RAAF file series A703, control symbol 580-1-1 part 4, pp373-390. This has detailed interview notes; sketches and map. (2) Transcript of interview between the Brews and the Victorian UFO Research Society. 1963. (3) Interview between the Brews and J E McDonald in 1967. (4) A series of blog posts by Keith Basterfield, bringing all the available Moe material into one place).

Detailed reports and documents
630215-UAP_RAAF_Investigation.pdf (Keith Basterfield)
630215-UAP_VSFRS_Investigation.pdf (Keith Basterfield)
630215-UAP_McDonald.pdf (Keith Basterfield)
630215-UAP_Cold case_My analysis.pdf (Keith Basterfield)
630215-UAP_Audio_Interview_of_McDonald_with_Brew.pdf (Keith Basterfield)
630215-UAP_Questions_to_Trevor_Brew.pdf (Keith Basterfield)

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