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                The Wayne City Car Chase (EM RA Traces)
August 4, 1963
Wayne City, Illinois

Updated 1990, re-investigated June 2012, updated 2007, Feb 22 *
Fran Ridge:

Aug. 4, 1963; Wayne City, Illinois (BBU)
11:30 p.m. 12:20 a.m. (EDT). Ronnie Austin and Phyllis Bruce while driving E noticed a bright white round object to the SW about 20 elevation then S then N which followed them for several miles. When Austin dropped off Phyllis at home it was to the E about 500 ft away and her sister Forestine also saw the object with them. After about 15 mins Austin attempted to leave for home but the object followed him, at one point as he headed E it came over his car at about 100 ft, changed color to orange and appeared car sized, hovered above the car while the car radio had whining noise static and car engine almost failed, then made a pass from behind W to E. On arriving home object was about 900 ft to the SE or E and other family members also saw it, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Austin, sister Roxie and a brother. Upon reaching home he was in a near state of shock and was treated by a local doctor. Air Force Project Blue Book team investigated and apparently found residual radiation on the boy's car. Investigated by NICAP team from Vincennes, Indiana (Fran Ridge, Subcommittee Chairman) Later, in 1990 when authorized by the two newer UFO investigatory groups, Ridge filed reports with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS). In 1963, Dr. J. Allen Hynek was the Air Force consultant for Project Blue Book and was the one who "explained away" this case. A decade later, Hynek formed CUFOS and, ironically, made this statement: 

Dr. J. Allen Hynek:
The Air Force had a process for finding a possible solution and that was it. For instance, there was this case in which a young couple said they'd been followed by a UFO and they came home nearly hysterical. The Air Force took a look at it......Well, the moon was full that night, near full, and it was in the east. They said the thing had come from the east, therefore the Air Force said they must have been chased by the moon! They must just have looked in the back and had seen the moon in the rearview mirror - this was their solution. No attempt was made to go (back) and talk to these people, none at all. They'd arrived at the solution that it was the moon. (The Edge of Reality, 207)

Fran Ridge:
Our report proves the Air Force DID talk to these people. And not a lieutenant from a nearby AF base, but a three-man team from Blue Book. When we arrived at the police department, authorized to talk to witnesses who had been gathered there, we were first hit by the press and we didn't want any publicity so we tried to bypass them and do our job, but they complained and we had to do an interview first. Update: In December 2004 some hoaxers showed up claiming they had  caused the sighting and had thought it was hilarious, but we were able to show them up for what they were. *

Detailed reports and documents
The MUFON/CUFOS Investigation Re-Opened (Fran Ridge)
The Case Report (Fran Ridge)
Reports/1963_08_04_IL_EMF_CE2%20%282%29.pdf (MUFON version, Robert Powell)
Reports/1963_08_04_IL_EMF_CE2.pdf (MUFON version, Robert Powell)
images/630804austin_route_map.png (Fran Ridge)
docs/630804waynecity_docs2.pdf [CR Form C,3,5,map] (Fran Ridge)
UFO Intelligence Summary (UFO Filter Center/Ridge)
The Case Evaluation (Dan Wright)
docs/630804waynecity_docs4.pdf [Reports to NICAP, MUFON, CUFOS] (Fran Ridge)
Southern Illinois Sightings - BB Microfilm (Fran Ridge)
reports/630804waynecity_report.htm [Blue Book Analysis Analyzed] (Fran Ridge)
"Keenes Boy Chased Home By 'Flying Saucer'" (Wayne County Press, Mon, Aug 5, 1963)
"Strange Light Chases Area Teen-Ager's Car" (Evansville Courier, Tues, Aug 6, 1963)
"Mystery Lights Jolt S. Illinois" (Chicago American, Aug 9, 1963)
"Lights In The Sky Reports Gain Momentum" [Uphoff/Hill] (Wayne County Press, Aug. 10, 1963)
"Lights in Sky Aren't 'for Real' " (Chicago American, Aug 11, 1963)
"Air Force Team Check Out Light-In-Sky Stories" (Wayne County Press, Mon, Aug 12, 1963)
"Claim Air Force Keeps Lid On UFOs" (Wayne County Press, Aug 12, 1963)
"Light Theory Revealed" (Evansville Courier, Aug 16, 1963)
"The Light That Chased A Car" (Jeffrey Liss [FATE, 1963])
"Mount Vernon Mayor Harry Bishop Reports UFO" (Mt. Vernon Register, Sat, Aug 10, 1963)
"UFO Visited Wayne County 34 Years Ago (WC Press/Jack Vertrees, Nov. 13, 1997)
630804_thread_balloon_hoax_hoax.pdf (Fran Ridge - Dec 2004)  *

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