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Dogs Sense UFO, Object Approaches Witnesses
Aug. 7, 1963
Fairfield, Illinois

Fran Ridge:
Aug. 7, 1963; 4 mi. East of Fairfield, Illinois (BBU)
8:45-9:10 p.m. Chauncey Uphoff and Mike Hill noticed their dogs barking furiously, saw a yellowish-orange diamond shaped noiseless luminous object to the SW about 1,000 ft altitude moving E, joined by a possible aircraft white light that went from SE to NW climbing with a "drumming sound", and when near the first object the latter blinked out. When the white light disappeared to the NW the diamond-shaped object reappeared as dim gray to the SW and headed straight towards them. Object now at close range was described as a ball diamond sideways, with "a tail" that was more like a fluid dripping off than a solid protuberance, object changing color to orange then brilliant blue­white. Object made a swooping U-turn and headed SE towards Grayville. At close approach Uphoff reported that he couldn't cover the object with his hand and that the object  "had depth to it."  (NICAP) IC 04/02UNKN (Dan Wright)

Detailed reports and documents
Case Report (NICAP, Fran Ridge)
reports/630807fairfield_report2 [BB Docs] (Dan Wilson)
UFO Intelligence Summary (UFO Filter Center/Ridge)
docs/630804fairfield_docs3.pdf [CR Form C, map] (Fran Ridge)
docs/630804waynecity_docs4.pdf [Reports to NICAP, MUFON, CUFOS] (Fran Ridge)
"Lights In The Sky Stories Gain Momentum" [Uphoff/Hill] (Wayne Couty Press)
Southern Illinois Sightings - BB Microfilm (Fran Ridge)
reports/630804waynecity_report.htm [Blue Book Analysis Analyzed] (Fran Ridge)
"Keenes Boy Chased Home By 'Flying Saucer'" (Wayne County Press, Mon, Aug 5, 1963)
"Strange Light Chases Area Teen-Ager's Car" (Evansville Courier, Tues, Aug 6, 1963)
"Mystery Lights Jolt S. Illinois" (Chicago American, Aug 9, 1963)
"Lights in Sky Aren't 'for Real' " (Chicago American, Aug 11, 1963)
"Air Force Team Check Out Light-In-Sky Stories" (Wayne County Press, Mon, Aug 12, 1963)
"Claim Air Force Keeps Lid On UFOs" (Wayne County Press, Aug 12, 1963)
"Light Theory Revealed" (Evansville Courier, Aug 16, 1963)
"The Light That Chased A Car" (Jeffrey Liss [FATE, 1963])
"Mount Vernon Mayor Harry Bishop Reports UFO" (Mt. Vernon Register, Sat, Aug 10, 1963)

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