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Object With Vortex Photographed Near Train
March 8, 1964
Oberwesel, Germany

Fran Ridge:
March 8, 1964, Oberwesel, Germany
UFO allegedly photographed by Harry Hauxler, who was on a train passing through Oberwesel, Germany, when he said he saw a disc rise into the air. The photograph shows a dark swirling mass below the disc. A very rare shape on this unknown object. This shape and a dark vortex underneath was reported again in August of 1973 near Princeton, Indiana, and the object near the train is reminiscent of the L&N train that was stopped by a UFO, also in 1973, but this photo may not be of  a real object. What is shamefully lacking for what is supposed be a photo of a real UFO are the details of the encounter, and in particular, the time of the event.

Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos:
March 8, 1964, Oberwesel (Germany).
The photographer (a Harry Hauxler) claimed to have seen and photographed this peculiar-shaped object while riding in a train (6). All of the above cases (*) have something in common - a road sign or lamp-post crossed rapidly in front of the camera from the interior of a moving car or train. The typical blurred image, identical in all examples, is merely produced by the brief and quick exposure of an object, nearer to the camera than the background because of the velocity of the running vehicle the photographer was on. It explains why in most cases the honest photographer affirmed they had not observed anything unusual. Others, however, invent a story out of the picture one that collapses after investigation, of course. (Fotocat Report #6)

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