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A special Hynek Classification of Close Encounter where medical effects are reported.  An incident involving an object usually less than 500 feet from the witness with physiological or psychological effects.  

Egg Hovers Over School
April 28, 1964
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dan Wilson:
April 28, 1964; Albuquerque, New Mexico (BB)
Noon. 10 year-old Sharon Stull and Robin Stull (8) saw an egg-shaped object hovering near the Lowell Elementary School for about 10 minutes. Robin refused to look at the object and ran off. The object bounced up and down about three times in the sky and then left. Later Sharon was treated for "infra-red" burns on her face by a physician and according to Police Lt. C. K. Jolly the physician said he believes Sharon saw something and it burned her.

Mike Swords:
This is a "damaged" case. It is one of those things which could have a genuine initial stimulus belonging to the UFO phenomenon, but which is tarnished by human actions thereafter. What we have here are two phases of reporting on the incident by the mother of the girl. [See full commentary (1) and APRO Bulletin of May 1964 (2)].

Detailed reports and documents
reports/640428albuquerque_report2.htm (Mike Swords) (1)
articles/640428albuquerque_article.pdf [APRO article] (Mike Swords) (2)
reports/640428albuquerque_report.htm (Dan Wilson)

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