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Cow Reacts To Square Silver Object
May 19, 1964
Hubbard, Oregon

Joan Woodward:
May 19, 1964; Hubbard, Oregon
7:30 a.m.  A cow who was normally eager to be put out in the field was very nervous, crosswise in her stanchion and bucked when young Michael Bizon went to let her out of her stall. He then saw a silver object sitting in a wheat field. He saw a square, silver-colored object about 4 feet high sitting in the field on four legs. (The drawing indicates a rectangular object with a bulge on one end.) The object began moving slowly upward with a soft beep. After reaching the height of a telephone pole, it shot upward. As it started to rise, it emitted an oder like gas fumes. No EM or physiological effects reported. Areas of flattened wheat were found. (Source: Keyhoe, Donald E., and Gordon I. R. Lore, Jr., 1969, Strange Effects from UFOs, Washington, D.C., NICAP, p. 53-54.)

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